Stop Saying it!!!

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Stop Saying it!!!

It makes me upset whenever I begin reading threads that start with "70-200 2.8 or 4.0 IS, which one to get" and responders say "f4 is sharper".

Arguing that one is heavier or one is lighter in weight is a valid argument.
Arguing that one is bigger or one is smaller is a valid argument
Arguing about the bokeh, or max apertures, those are valid arguments.
arguing about the expense is very much a valid argument.

but, arguing that one is sharper than the other, to me, is bogus. they are BOTH sharp. the difference in sharpness from one to the other (to me) is NOT enough to affect the final decision. In every day shooting , photos from EITHER lens should please the photographer. Yes, the "numbers" and the "charts" may say one is sharper. but most all say that the difference is that one is great and the other is greater.

I look at my pictures from the 2.8 IS and I am VERY pleased.

I don't think that the photos I look at would have been "that much better" from the F4 IS version even at 16x20 or larger.

I would hate it if a potential owner missed out on all of the beautiful photos this lens produces if they based their decision on "sharpness" alone.

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Beauty is in the eye of the photographer

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