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Re: Whatever boils your water!

Fred Meehan1 wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

There is no red herring about highlights on digital, its the truth!
Go shoot neg film and watch it hammer digital with ease. Correct
exposure is in digital's case..(with higher contrast), underexposing
the shot to try to hold onto them.

This isnt a myth, its just true!

But thats one of the advantages, and there are many cons too, and a
few more pros to film.

I would never abandon film, I could not imagine that day..its just
got something, good, and I like it. I cannot match a good ilford or
kodak roll of b&w, just aint there.

Saying that, its pretty smart to keep using digital, why not enjoy
the pros of both?

I am not the 'Ghost Hunter', nor am I the Irish actor in the 'Quiet

Well Barry
Whilst I respect you opinion and I hope you respect mine I find no
problem at all with blown highlights.Shooting RAW and exposing to the
right gives you 1 to 1 1/2 stops of headroom which you can recover
easily in ACR. I used to shoot a lot of Positive film and then I had
to be very careful with exposure 1/2 stop over and the slide was
ruined and no chance of recovery.I do agree that negative colour is
more tolerant and easier to shoot with and a lot more tolerant than
I have absolutely no wish to go back to film I find my 40D to be all
I want but if you think that using both is the best of both worlds
then who am I to disagree.By the way shooting with a G9 which I also
possess I find it akin to shooting slide with its limitation in
dynamic range.


I believe that is what most photogs are finding with digital, some are having problems with highlights, but I use the histogram every time I shoot and I rarely if ever have a problem. Digital is a bit of a steep learning curve for some, but once you get the hang of it their is certainly no going back to the "Good old days"
Kind Regards
Dennis P O'Neil APSNZ
'War does not determine who is right, only who is left'

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