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I think dpreview uses poor subjects for the high ISO test...

RedFox88 wrote:

em_dee_aitch wrote:

What shocked me is that the D300 at ISO 6400 looked better than the 1d3.

Being serious now, are you eyes ok?

I think it's the glasses. Some of us wear Nikon sunglasses which tend to make us see things that aren't really happening. Great if you have a wild imagination, though...

But really, the test subject is a lousy one. Doesn't represent the reality most of the people are familiar with. To shoot a painted landscape on a whisky bottle if you could be shooting real landscapes... Cracking at skewing the results, but what can you do - it's a lab test.

The iso6400 d300 shot is speckled from all the noise reduction going
on which removes detail.

Yep. The noise reduction is way too strong at Normal. Low or Off is the way to go, really, unless you have superb skills at enduring photos that don't look like that. I think the photographers of the film age would not have approved grain that resembles Play'doh, either.

But you've got to admit Nikon did marvellous things with the stuff they were stuck with. Just look at Sony's interpretation of their own 12MP sensor. From the base ISO onwards, just horrible. : )

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