40D vs G9 smackdown

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taking two cameras solves the problem

This is what I did on my trip to Thailand (and one to Vietnam.) I took a 350XT w/a 10-22MM (35MM w/crop factor) and a Panasonic FZ30 (35 to 420?) w/IS.

The FZ30 was invaluable on the river, and in the city (for candids taken across the street.) The 10-22MM handled night shots, temples, buildings, crowded streets and markets (when was the last time you used a telephoto at night?)

The combined weight was surprizing light considering I had 16-420 of total zoom. Another advantage was I never had to switch lense : ) But I did have to bring two charging systems and media cards : (

Yes, over half my pictures were taken with the FZ30. Now, I still dream of bringing my 70-200MM F2.8 IS back to Thailand, but that's a lot to carry.

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