should i to move to the 5D?

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Re: Decision/ how to buy a decent copy?

Your profile says you are in the U.S.; any store you buy from will have a return period. Personally, I would buy from a real store (brick and mortar, or internet) and not from Ebay, but that's just me. Buy the lens and evaluate it and make a decision before the return period is over.

No, you can't evaluate the LCD on the camera, it's not high enough resolution.

Also, I don't agreee that the 17-40 is softer than the 24-105 (except for maybe f4).



Graeme M wrote:

Thanks guys for the input, i think i'll take your advice on the
17-40L, i didn't realise it was softer than the 24-105. I'll go for
the 24-105 and see how my pictures develop with that, I can always
buy the 17-40 at a later date if i find i'm wanting more width.

Totally different question, before now i've only really bought lenses
from ebay and they all are pretty good copies. This time i'm spending
a lot more cash, probably more than all all the rest of my kit is
worth!! should i
take images inside/outside on some contrasting backgrounds and zoom
in on the LCD
or just make dam sure you can take it back within the next few days
if its not quite spot on and test it at home?

Thanks again!

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