40D vs G9 smackdown

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Re: Good decision

gavin wrote:

I always find that I wish I have my DSLR. P&S are great in good
What camera do I have? I rather you look at my photos

When i went to Florida last year i was all set to take my 30D and 24-105L, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 but as we had two kids with us i didnt fancy taking all that.

I ended up getting a Fuji F31FD for quick shots and a Canon 17-55IS f/2.8. Plus i got a Tamrac V9 bag.
I got the 17-55IS to replace the Tamron as i wanted IS in a fast zoom.

I did pack both the 17-55IS and 24-105L but at the last min took the 24-105L out. Not because i didnt like it but i didnt want to be worrying about what lens i should use. If i only had one i knew i would still get all the shots i wanted and less to think about. Next time i go back it will be with a 24-105L though.

We used the Fuji a few times and it worked very well but having the Tamrac bag made it very easy to get at the 30D which i had all ready to shoot in the bag, even with hood on.

The only time i missed having a longer FL was at the animal parks but as the 17-55IS is so sharp cropping in looked fine up to a point.

Ive now stopped worrying about what to do and as i dont really go anywhere without some sort of bag i take the 40D as much as i can as i always feel i wish i had taken it if i dont. To make things lighter i sometimes just take a prime.

I still want to replace the Fuji with a IS camera but for anything important i wouldnt leave the 40D at home as i know it will get the best shots.

Saying that, having good glass means even getting a smaller body like the 350D will produce images that most P&S's cant match.

If you ever see a 350D or 400D with a 35 f/2 on it you would be amazed how small it feels. And the new Canon 18-55IS is very small as well. I would say if you had a G9 you would need some sort of bag or big pocket to carry it around in anyway.

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