40D vs G9 smackdown

Started Apr 23, 2008 | Discussions thread
Bryon Daly Regular Member • Posts: 459
Re: My recommendation to you is...

Matthew Porter wrote:

I'm really seriously considering having both cameras with me now. My
wife will hate you all! LOL

If you're going to take 2 cameras, why not make the second one a much smaller, more pocketable one? Then you can easily take it everywhere (like out to dinner), and still have the big kit for your more serious photo outings. There's a number of them out there now that offer 28mm equiv:

  • Something like the SD870, maybe?

  • The Fuji F100fd might be very good if the announced firmware fixes the pink banding issue .

  • The Nikon S600 seems pretty good, IQ-wise

  • The Panasonix TZ5 is a bit lacking IQ-wise, but offers an amazing 28-280 range with good IS in a very small camera.

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