40D vs G9 smackdown

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Re: My recommendation to you is...

Hey, thanks everyone for your great suggestions.

Seems there are a number of things for me to consider.

Some ideas I hadn't considered are there as well, for example:

  • Getting the right bag - I have been looking, but haven't yet found what I wanted

  • Having BOTH cameras with me - Maybe that's the solution?

The way I figure it, having BOTH the 40D kit setup and the G9 with me on the trip will mean I have the choice between "it's too hot to carry all that stuff" and "I really want some great shots of this".

As for the bag, I had been looking at the Lowepro Slingshot series, but they all seem a little large.

My dilemma is that I really prefer to shoot with the grip (not so much for battery life, but for comfort in vertical framing), but it seems a small, lightweight bag won't handle the camera with grip attached.

So many things to consider!

Above all though, as someone pointed out - it's about having some fun and getting some shots that I enjoyed taking and will enjoy looking at in years to come.

I'm really seriously considering having both cameras with me now. My wife will hate you all! LOL

Thanks again.

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'True. You can shoot a Canon with a Nikon ... but it's much more fun shooting a Nikon with a Cannon.'

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