40D vs G9 smackdown

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Re: 40D vs G9 smackdown

I went through this last year when I had a very special trip planned. I didn't identify a definitive ideal solution. There were always compromises. The trick is to try to identify the compromises that will truly work for you. My process went like this:

1st idea:

20D (the camera I had) + Tamron 18-250mm. I bought the lens and spent 6 weeks with it as my sole lens, as practice. I didn't like the results and don't recall capturing any notably 'wow' images during that time. Next.

2nd idea:

Sony R1. This was very close to an ideal solution. This camera has an excellent Lens/Sensor combination. The lens runs 24-120mm which is a fabulous range for most things except birds and sport, for this trip it would have been great. Also the APS-C 10mp sensor gave room for a fair crop with the lens quality keeping the detail. The technical problem was the need to shoot raw to get the very best from the Lens/Sensor combo and raw (20MB files!) write speeds were far too slow; some missed shots and consequently some frustration was likely. However, a bigger practical problem was it was no longer sold and 2nd hand models expensiive and rare. Their owners seem to love them. Viewing the images taken with them on pbase shows why. Next.

3rd idea:
Superzoom P&S. Too slow, Sensor too small for some types of creative shots. Next

4th idea:

Olympus E410 SLR + 1 good range zoom. This seems like a good, but expensive, solution. However, I just didn't take to the 4/3 system during my trials of it and decided against it. It may have grown on me, but the 1 good range zoom lens was still only an announcement and unlikely to be available before my trip. Next

5th idea:
Canon G7. Too many features gone (raw). Not wide enough. Quite slow. Next.

Final idea:

20D + 70-200mm F/4. + Ricoh GX100. This combination worked really well for me. The 20D over my shoulder and the GX100 in my palm or pocket. It was really quick to chose most angles from 24mm to 320 (equiv) and both gave excellent images and allowed raw shooting (although the GX100 raw write was quite slow, as it was only used for the scenics and creative wides, this wasn't an issue).

I must add, I had my other glass with me on the trip for the 20D. This wasn't about travelling light, it was about walking around light, but prepared, for the places I would only get to see once. Also, when in company lens changing was not really an option.

Having enjoyed the 24mm, I would not want to give it up and it will be a factor in future walk around cam choices. I also think the Sony R1 would have been a good choice. In reality there would have been very few missed oppertunities on this trip. I would love to see a slight revision of the R1 with faster write times and perhaps a touch longer zoom. It would be a perfect walk around kit.


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