40D vs G9 smackdown

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Re: 40D vs G9 smackdown

My advice is the same as that of the ManFromOz.

These days I take my 40D, Sigma 18-200, the small Canon 50mm f/1.8 and, if I need it, my Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide. One additional problem for me with the G9 idea is that I fine I use the wide-end of my lenses a lot. I find the 200mm tele end long enough for most travel uses. Even if I had a G9, I'd really miss the 40D viewfinder also.

My 18-200 is the old one without image stabilization. I seem to have learned to find railins on ships or fence posts on land to compensate. And, I usually take pictures outside in daylight. However, a few years ago I got some nice night shots (with the 18-200) of the Sydney Opera House from our cabin deck seven decks above the water as our cruise ship started its turn into the International Terminal. The 300D I used is still much better than a G9 in low light but the G9 lens is probably faster than the 18-200 so I think it would have done the job well also.

I kept my old 300D when I bought the 40D. My wife sometimes uses it with the 18-200. Shee seems to like SLRs now that she uses them more often.

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