Editing plug-ins and SDK for Aperture 2.1 arrive

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Re: Editing plug-ins and SDK for Aperture 2.1 arrive

artemesia66 wrote:

Aperture is non-destructive of the Raw file. The edits that you do in
the plug-ins are totally destructive. Once you say okay, the plug-ins
are changing pixels, and you can't go back. Much better to do dodging
and burning, etc. on layers in photoshop, where you can adjust them,
edit the layer mask, use blend modes, etc, and not change the
under-lying image.

In theory plugins do not have to be totally destructive. A plugin has the ability to modify metadata in other images - if it can find out what image it originated from, it could write instructions for the edits applied to date. Then if you did make changes to the original version you could re-edit with the plugin and have those changes re-applied.

In theory...

Again, fingers crossed for true non-destructive editing in Aperture.
LR Beta has it, which should give Apple a good push.
Competition--ain't it great?

Competition is great. But LR Beta only has a specific tool as non-destructive that Aperture has as a plugin, at the moment. We now have the ability to see any number of things appear as plugins and explore some interesting space.

Personally I can see the value in using an Aperture plugin over a Photoshop plugin even today, especially if it's the kind of plugin you usually apply over the whole image. Photoshop takes a while to load, and if all you end up using Photoshop for is as a plugin holder... then perhaps it's time to re-think where you want the plugins held.

I do also hope someday we'll see a non-destructive image editing API too, that will just take a little longer to work out I think.

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