Fuji F100fd vs Olympus 1020 vs Panasonic TZ5

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Re: Fuji F100fd vs Olympus 1020 vs Panasonic TZ5

NIK11 wrote:

I think the previous post may have been confused because initially
you said the TZ5 crop was on the right.

My apologies then.

Yes the TZ5 has improved at higher ISO's and with one of the best IS
systems around it is a powerful tool for such a compact package. One
thing that stops me upgrading from my TZ3 is that, despite the 460k
pixels, it still has a reflective LCD that acts like a mirror in
certain harsh lighting conditions.

It won't bother you inside churches, but it sure makes life difficult
for me taking shots in low sunlight.

A bit of bad news, Nick. There all the same....every single P&S is difficult to see in bright light. My F31 and G9 is no better so that never put my off. I shoot at lot too ooutdoors. Thankfully with the G9, just looking at the histogram and blinking highlight warning is easy to determine my exposure and easy to see on the LCD.

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