Now that Epson has won in court

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Re: Now that Epson has won in court

Do you realize that you responded to a post from December that, until you resurrected it, was dead and gone?

esimpson1 wrote:

I actually disagree with this.. Here's why:

Okay, this is going to sound like a rant, and it is. It's pretty
difficult to emotionally detach myself from what I've experienced
with this product.

Rant #1: The ink color doesn't even come close to matching the ink
from Epson in terms of quality nor color-matching. I didn't expect
that the colors themselves would match, but I expected better quality.

Rant #2: While it is a bulk ink system, which is very helpful when
you're printing in large quantities, you end up wasting much more ink
than you would with Epson. With the ink clogging (That's rant #3) and
the color profiling I had to do, I estimate that I probably wasted
3-4 ink cartridges that I would have bought from Epson.

Rant #3: Excessive clogging. My goodness. I know print heads clog
from time to time. In fact, HP even includes a new print-head on
every one of their ink cartridges (it's one of their selling points
and one of the ways they justify the high cost of their replacement
ink). But all that aside, the clogging I have experienced in using
this ink goes well beyond ANYTHING I have ever experienced. It seems
that every time I turned this printer on (MediaStreet recommends
turning the printer off to recess the heads and "lock" them so air
doesn't cause clogging... Go figure.) Even with the Epson ink, I'd
have a clog here and there but it was few and VERY far between.

I can tell you I was exceedingly excited when I ordered this system.
No more swapping cartridges every couple of days... No more paying
$16 bucks per ink cartridge. This stuff, by weight, is worth more
than GOLD.

I have since pulled the Niagara system out of my printer and put the
Epson ink back. I should have left well enough alone because I was
always more than satisfied with the results that the Epson printer,
Epson K3 ink and Epson paper provided.

My advice to all of you is to steer clear of MediaStreet. It was a
neat idea, and would have been useful if it hadn't been for the
massive problems I encountered. I think we fight enough with our
printers just to get prints to match closely to what is on our
screen. The last thing we need is something making a bad situation

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