Lightweight SLR. Cost vs quality vs weight ?

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Re: Lightweight SLR. Cost vs quality vs weight ?

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

poliscijustin wrote:

I think the canon is a fine choice for you. I tend to prefer the feel of the nikons,
although if I were buying an entry camera today, at least on paper,
the Xsi beats the D60. I agree that sony tends to make cameras that
are comfy as well.

We just got the Canon XSi's in yesterday . . .

It is a big improvement over the XT/XTi in feel (ie.- how it fits in
your hands) and is a very responsive camera!

And the 18-55 IS kit lens is definately one of the best changes Canon
has made to their kit lens choices.

For whatever reason, they have been really slow about sending us new SLR models right now. I'd really like to get my hands on an XSi as well as some of the new Sonys but alas, nada.

I will say, when we got the D60 in, the vr kit lens was a nice improvement (heck, one of the few) over the 40x. If not for the fact that it doesn't AF with most of my lenses, I'd probably pick one up for my wife.

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