f100fd review with some low light examples

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Re: A great review, except................

You are very honest! That is good! Thank you!

kensuguro wrote:

well, you're right. The problem is very persistent and I'm still
trying to figure out if fuji is going to do anything about it. It's
a tough one, because it's obviously not a software glitch. I was
going to go deeper into the trouble, but decided that since there was
a 55 post long thread on it, I'd just refer to it and leave the
details to that thread. I wasn't trying to play down the problem.

This is a serious problem, and potential buyers should take note of
it. The band is a hardware problem, and is there on all shots. It
is not that visible below 1600, but overall, it seems to be visible
against a black background. If I had not bought the camera yet, I
would have waited, or got something else. I'm not unhappy about
purchasing the f100, but if I knew about it before hand, I wouldn't
have bought it. This seems to be a design defect.

I am trying to get in touch with fuji Japan, which is where I got the
camera, and see what they have to say about this problem. I did post
about it on a pretty big consumer's forum in Japan, but was
overwhelmed with people telling me "that's just how it is", or "I
don't really care because it's only visible above 1600".. which may
have come from loyal owners protecting their purchase.

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