The Ancient Himalayan Kingdom of Spiti-Kinnaur (warning: lots of images!)

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The Ancient Himalayan Kingdom of Spiti-Kinnaur (warning: lots of images!)

I was fortunate to make this one-of-its kind trip in the summer of 2005, to the Himalayan kingdom of Spiti-Kinnaur deep in north-eastern Himachal Pradesh, India on the Tibetan Plateau right beside the Indo-China border. Back then, it was - and i believe still remains - a really less visited region. The reasons are many, from its relative inaccessibility ( the high mountain passes that you have to cross to get in are blocked with snow for 8-9 months of the year and are cleared in summers by the Indian Army ) to the popularity of other destinations nearby. It is frequented only by intrepid travelers from around the world in search for a taste of adventure, who are attracted to the raw feel of the place and the obscure but nevertheless, challenging peaks that abound.

All the photos have been made with a Panasonic Lumix FZ 20 which, incidentally, was my first camera...I had just started out with photography and the photos may not be technically perfect...Thought I would share the story and beauty of this region here..

1. High up in the Kunzam Pass ( altitude 5200 m ), before entering the Spiti valley

2. The temple of the mountain goddess who presides over the mountain pass..legend and custom says that you have to drive around the temple once beffore you enter the valley

3.'Moonscapes' on the way to Kaza- the main town in the district..

4.The Kye monastery - an important seat of Buddhist learning in the Asian region

5.A lammergier - or a bearded vulture

6. the Horned Lark

7.A rock bunting

8. The next two pictures show the typical roads in this area..they are famous (or rather infamous) for being washed away by landslides by the melting snows due to the notoriously unstable soil...and then painstakingly built by the Army again..


10. end of a beautiful day

11. Another temple to the goddess Kali

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