Where can I find an advanced raw converter

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Re: CaptureNX is BEST and it's FREE shipped in your D3/D300 box...

Raw Therapee, at least for D70 and D200 shots, I don't have a D3 or D300 to test against but it is free an you can test yourself. I have found that the White Balance is superb and at high ISO, it produces less noise than NX. Free for PC or Linux

Raw Magick. the interface is clunky and not overly intuitive but it does create great images with less noise and more detail than NX. Very slow, is not free and only for PC

RPP in a MAC produces images similar to Raw Magick but is similarly clunky and not user friendly compared to the main stream converters. Free but only for Mac

They are 3 that I have played with. There are a few others that use advanced demosaic algorithms contained in DCRAW and produce better images than NX.

NX is slowish and produces pretty good images that are better than most processors. ACR from adobe is great for workflow but lousy with accurate colour and high ISO noise

ACL Photo wrote:

Brad Morris wrote:

you obviously have not looked at many raw converters then.

Yes NX is pretty good, and certainly performs better than the adobe
pair especially with high ISO shots, but there are better ones out
there with more advance algorithms, better noise handling etc.

Do share?

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