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Re: The reason for the co-operation....

Jay Turberville wrote:

Sure you can. But it would mean you spin off a new set of lenses.
These lenses would not be 4/3s compatible, but the EVIL camera would
be compatible with 4/3s lenses via an adapter/spacer ring.

i cant see that getting up,

I'm making no predicitions. Just pointing out a plausible scenario
and an arrangement that could work.

Me. I want the low/no vibration. I want the quiet operation. I'm
betting the cost would be lower. I wouldn't mind a more compact
camera with a larger sensor for general carry around use.

it might not be cheaper initially, as supply of LCD's has to be
acquired (they cant make them) and its likely just as expensive as
the mirrorbox equip.

I don't follow you. All DSLRs have LCDs anyway. The demand for LCDs
need not change one tiny bit. Any you don't just get rid of the
mirror box, but also get rid of a pentamirror, exposure sensor array,
focus screen, LED array for the finder, finder optics, and AF sensors
and optics. That's a whole bunch of components that just go away.
The camera would cost more only for marketing or production scale
reasons. The actual production cost to make the camera should be
pretty low.

i have this concept where a 36mm wide LCD would be inside the VF as opposed to some of the EVF variations we have seen. But EVF and LCD cost money and are likely not generated in house. I think most of us would expect that a rear LCD would still be included, but then again....

quite right though, there is a whole lot of stuff that just goes away
and the instrumentation is more customisable to boot

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