Pros/cons opinions on Fujif100fd v Nikons600 v Canon sd870 v Sony w150

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Re: Pros/cons opinions on Fujif100fd v Nikons600 v Canon sd870 v Sony w150

I'm still in the same boat looking for a wide-angle compact.

F100fd samples look excellent in terms of image quality, but the pink band issue seems pretty common and is a worry. That sort of money (they are £200 in UK) for a defective camera is not right, so needs to be fixed.

Canon SD870 is a good all-rounder but seems to be prone to "dust orbs" when using the flash. The dial based user interface I also found difficult to handle.

I've also played with a Nikon S600 in store and the size/ergonomics are great. Very compact, easy to use menu (the dial system on it seems much better than the Canon, in my opinion) and the Nikon lens with optical image stabilisation should deliver decent quality. Probably my current favourite given it's portability. Sample images on the limited number of reviews look pretty good.

Re Sony I was looking more at the W170 due to it's 28mm lens. There is a new review on "imaging resource" site that looks OK. Great battery life, decent enough image quality and feature set and also very compact. However I am kind of put of by the memory stick memory requirement given that I have SD cards already.

Must admit that I'm also highly tempted by the Panny TZ5 - not as compact as the others but still pocketable with x10 zoom wide-angle lens, optical IS and a great LCD. Feature set is excellent and the image quality looks to be better than previous Panasonic cameras, at least at low ISOs. Need to consider how much I need to shoot in lower lighting conditions but the TZ5 is definitely an option worth looking at.

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