Where to buy an XSi (US) ?

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Re: Where to buy an XSi (US) ?

Hi everyone

I just wanted to retract this message. I was so happy after I spoke with the Abes rep and he told me my XSI was being shipped 2-3 business day shipping...I then asked for the confirmation number. He told me he would e-mail me back after he gets it from the warehouse...I waited, the next day i called him again, he told me that it was not in stock and he was so sorry but because I paid I would be guaranteed to have the item shipped immediately after it does get in stock. I was very upset. He called to verify my order, sent an e-mail confirming the order showing it was in stock, then when I call to get confirmation of shipping he changes and says, "oh sorry our website says it was out of stock" unfortunately for him, I printed a copy of the site showing it was in stock.

I am very disappointed as I have purchased from Abes of Maine before and had good service. I will not go back to them again. Let this be a warning for anyone ordering something online from them...even if they do get a call and an e-mail confirming the order is shipped...don't believe it until you get the tracking number.

kaili wrote:
Just ordered mine from Abes of Maine, great customer service and I
have bought from them in the past. $799 body only

James Babb wrote:

I'm talking myself into getting an XSi. I have a few questions.

Millennium Camera is advertising $796 w/the 18-55mm Lens
( http://www.millenniumcamera.com/viewproduct.aspx?id=9956263 )

Is this a good deal?

Where is the best place to get extra batteries?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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