Info about 5DmkII announcement?

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Re: The main point...

greentoe wrote:

.... is that there is a 5D follow on coming. At times there have
speculation that Canon might not do it (because of low volume or low
total profit).

The point of not committing is more of a Japanese thing.

Well usually nobody commits to a product until they actually announce it. Canon has followed a very regular pattern starting with the announcement of the 1D Mark II at PMA 2004. So far the cycle starting with the announcement of the 1D Mark III at PMA 2007 has been essentially an exact replication of the earlier cycle. Canon has had a late August announcement every year since the announcement of the 300D in 2003. Surprises are always possible. But the odds heavily favor the announcement of the 5D upgrade this August with availability in volume by the end of September.

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