The Canon-to-Nikon switch is on

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Re: I find it funny...

David Hull wrote:

tweedle wrote:

Canon was above 50 pct. recently, and they lost 9 pct. market share
in only the two last years. Right now Canon is dumping prices with
heavy rebates on the 40D to pump up volume.

Things might not be that static after all...

Please post a link to the "heavy Canon rebates" The only active
promotions currently available from Canon appear to be for a couple
of camcorders .

That's the second round of cashbacks on the 40D. The first 40D cashback started about 5 weeks after the 40D was announced.

Ritz (the gold standard for "List Price" sales) still has the 40D at
$1300 which is what it has been for quite a while. Yes you can get
it $200 cheaper just about anywhere else, but this has been pretty
consistant for the last few months as well. I can't see any evidence
of any "dumping", however, it is not uncommon for a manufacturer to
reduce prices over time. I seem to remember that the 40D opened at
$1400 so it looks like it has droped by $100.

Best UK price on a 40D is around £500 with cashback. That's a huge drop on the announcement price in around 8 months.

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