Horrible front focus problems on my E-3... it may have to go.

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Re: Substantial evidence?

Hi Julie

Good for you that you can do the recomposed shot without problems. However this proves nothing other than you know how to do so. The OP needs to do some test shots of static subjects before the camera can be declared defective or functional, right? The fact that a shot is out of focus proves nothing in itself because all things being equal and out of focus picture is easier to produce than an in focus picture. Therefore a photographer that claims that the equipment is functional must be believed and a photographer that claims the equipment is at fault, well maybe not so much. This is simple logic.

If the camera is at fault he should have it fixed, if he is, then he should learn how to use it. It is as simple as that.

That you claim that the AF system of the E3 is defective because someone cannot recompose a shot is childish at best....

These are the cameras from recent times in the same class as E3 with samples of defective AF:
D200, D300, D3, 20D, 30D, 40D, IDSIII, 1DIII, etc.

If the AF has a problem get it fixed.


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