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Why so argumentative?

I wasn't being negative, I was giving honest advice. if you've got an E3 with no apparent problems, then don't worry about any front/back focus issues with particular focus settings, just use whatever makes you comfortable with your shooting style, it all should work fine.

If however you DO have an issue (as many obviously have), then I personally have not seen anything that can 'fix it' magically by setting any particular combination of camera settings. If you want to use the camera, then the majority of the focus errors can be masked by having a wide enough DOF. If you have a shoot and want to make sure you don't screw the shots up, this may be an option. Its just a pity that for some people, its not an option.

slambert wrote:

I'm not aware that anyone has conclusively shown that any particular
combination of AF points solves or makes worse any focus issues (in
SAF anyway).

So selection of AF points either solves issues or makes them worse?

Eh? I'm saying I don't think it does either.

Apparently in your opinion there are no E3's without focus issues,
even if many users of this forum say they have no problems at all !

Correct. However there is more than one issue. The one I believe that ALL (certainly all of the very first batch) suffer from is not a serious problem for the vast majority of shooters and my suggestion of taking a few shots (I suggest three which is always good to do in case of blinking anyway) of the same thing should statistically ensure that you'll end up with usable images that are in focus. The big problem arises when you only have ONE opportunity to nail the shot. But since most people don't have this problem, for them its something that can be lived with and in their normal shooting style, they may very well believe that their camera has no problems at all because they don't see it or it happens so infrequently they put it down to user error, so for them its really not something to worry about. Give the same camera to another shooter though who works in a different way and who does need greater reliability and you could have a different outcome.

The near permanent front focus offset that this forum has been discussing at length here is a separate issue and while I'm still not 100% certain on this, its looking as if this is NOT a generic problem and there do seem to be cameras out there that are fine in this respect.


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