Info about 5DmkII announcement?

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a bit more of a translation

Don't have time to spend on doing this decently, but here is some translation, some paraphrasing of the part of the interview that is relevant to this group.

Single brackets [] are gross paraphrase, double brackets [[]] are my notes.


Q: [5D follow on, there have been talk of two actual bodies, any truth?]

A: How many bodies (platforms) for [Canon] to carry is a difficult question, and since that is so then there will be no rapidly expanding the lineup. The mirror box design is different than that of the APS-C , [[etc. Added as an afterthought, no doubt to emphasize that the full size platform is really a different camera than the APS-C cameras.]]

Q: Be that as it may, for the class of user influenced by the 35mm film size, [...] coming in at a little lower price would be good.

A: [[summarily - You get what you get.]] DSLR develop times are long, and what our line should be is now a topic of discussion. We've accumulated a long history of camera operabilities, in ease of use and interoperability and functions..., and we need to spend a lot of time scrutinizing these types of issues. Lots of testing and polishing up, [ etc. ]

Q: April of last year, when you took over, you said that you immediately gave instructions for the full size follow on machine. Recently, in undertaking projects [you indicated] it takes about a year and a half, and this year [you mentioned] a big event at Photokina... isn't it going to be the 5D follow on?

A: There is a big expectation for a full size machine, and that is here being transmitted again... to the extent that is possible, to make a good product, we are finishing it up.... [and when it comes] please enjoy it.

Regarding image quality and added value, the progress will be on a grand scale I think...

Q: At the previous interview, you said you wanted to change camera usability and numerics [specs] .... how is the progress on that?

A: [ mechanicals, sound [[mirror]] improvements, wide variety... but on the specs not so... but we are investigating "what kind of camera?" and so forth....] [[ he sounds fairly non-committal, or better yet non-revelatory ]]

Q: At the previous interview you spoke of the boring middle class camera[...], the amateur sphere... [etc.]

A: [Camera designers face that sort of thing... we're in the middle of exploring that... to satisfy the spec demands and the cost constraints.... we make changes little by little.]

Q: No matter what, about the full size follow on machine, will "new pleasure" be found no later than Photokina?

A: Certainly, this year has only begun. There's been 1 announcement [450D]... and we won't betray the expectation for a new product.


Only two things worth noting... he wouldn't commit to a time frame before Photokina, and he thinks the changes (from the 5D) are significant.

Cost IMO is up in the air... the dollar value being what it is, any Japanese company ought not commit to a price until the very last minute.


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