Info about 5DmkII announcement?

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John W Peterson Senior Member • Posts: 2,737
Planning price decline.

One thing that I have learned the hard way about canon, is that they really do charge their early adopters a premium to be first in line. I ran out and got the 85mm f1.2 MkII and the 50mm f1.2 when they first became available, and paid a real premium for doing so.

Now i am more careful. A good dealer may choose to give a walk-in customer that they know, a discount on canon upper tier equipment that approximates where the price will be down the road, so I expect that the origianlly high quoted cost is based on a higher dealer mark-up rather then a higher distributer price.

Given the excellence of the images quality out of the 5D, it may make good sense for 5D users to give the product at least a few months, perhaps up to six months, before taking the plunge. That will allow time for user reports to come out, perhaps a few published reviews in rapid review sources such as the BJP, and for the price to settle, as you suggest, by a few hundred dollars. Of course, if the camera gets excellent reviews and demand is high, then the price will remain inflated. My recollection is that the early price decline in the 5D was linked to reports of banding in some images. This was addressed in a firmware update, but it generated some concern which canon responded to, both with the fix, and with the price adjustment.

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