Info about 5DmkII announcement?

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The german has no spelling errors. It is correct.

Carl wrote:

On the german website of Canon there was a few days ago specifications

Carl wrote:

Probably only a joke, it contains spelling errors: There should be a
colon before "handlich" and the plural of "Megapixel" is written as
"Megapixeln" (with an "n" at the end) which is wrong spelling in
german (all other bodies have the correct spelling "Megapixel"
without the "n"). > Carl

Thanks for pointing this out! But you are wrong.

I just spoke with a friend (german) and he said that Megapixeln (with an "n" at the end) is absolutely correct because there is the word "mit" before, so Megapixel in this case correctly has an "n" at the end.

I also did a google research and you will see thousands of german websites that also spell "Megapixeln" the same way.

For example:

There should be a colon before "handlich"

No, he said a colon before the word "handlich" would muck the sentence structure.
So as for the german, grammar is ok.

Also, it states 16 MP, while all other bodies state either "ca." (= aprox.) xx MP or > a MP count with 1 decimal position (10,1 MP etc.).

I agree with you on this, but if you look at other Canon camera specs they do state flat and round MP count....

But I still think it is a fake, it sounds too good to me.

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