Info about 5DmkII announcement?

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Re: Info about 5DmkII announcement?

I don't have time to do a proper translation (not that my Japanese is nearly that good), but a few comments about this interview.

This is an extract of the text translated to english via babelfish.
Seems like he is saying that the announcement will be made in
photokina at fall..

Sorry, It doesn't say that. When asked by the interviewer about the prospect for a new 5D at photokina, the interviewee replied that they are working hard to deliver the 5D update as soon as possible.

"After the inaugurating, it was the question fish story which
indicates the fact that directly it starts the succession type of
full size machine in the April ─ ─ last year. Recently
until the product appears from plan commencement, because time about
of 1 year half is required generally, in Photokina which this year is
the biggest event, the 5D succession type becoming announcement, to
be strange, without being, the shank.

Geez, Google translation is horrid! This was a question asked by the interviewer. He says that in an interview from last April ('07), a Canon VP said that they had started on a new full size sensor model. And that since a camera generally spends about 1.5 years in development, would it not be reasonable to expect the new full size model to be released at Photokina.

Because size of the expectation for the full size machine has been
transmitted even in this, it finishes in the as much as possible good
product. Please enjoy. In regard to picture quality and in regard to
added value, it becomes something which progresses largely probably
will be. "

This was from the answer provided by the interviewee. He says that Canon is aware of the anticipation for a new full sized model, and they will meet that anticipation as soon as possible. He also added that the new full sized model will be a significant improvement over the 5D in terms of IQ and customer value (whatever that is), and that he's looking forward to us enjoying it.

Key point :: He did not confirm Photokina. It could be announced on 4/22 as easily as 8/22. Also of interest, he does seem to rule out the 5D being split into a high-price and low-price model. He was asked if Canon has any intention at this time of expanding their full-frame camera lineup, and he flatly said no. The price-performance leader is in APS-C cameras, and Canon feels their balance between APS-C and full-size is okay for a range of products.

Honestly though, Google's Japanese translation is all but useless, If you have to resort to machine translation, I recommend using Excite's's a bit more understandable.

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