Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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How Expodisc works

Honestly, I mixed up Expodisc with Whitedisk, namey there is such a thing as well, used like a grey card; I was thinking of that.

However, now I read about Expodisc, and I don't see any difference in their usage from this perspective . With Whitedisk you capture the reflected light, with Expodisk the emitted light. The difference is in which direction you make the shot, but the result is a gray shot; with the Expodisk, the entire image is supposed to be grey.

So, there is no difference: you record the raw image through the Expodisk; the actual WB setting is irrelevant. Later you can use that greyish image for picking WB.

At least this is my understanding after having read a few reviews of the Expodisk.

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