Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Second Thoughts

Gabor, now you've got me confused. The post to which I was answering asked how to use the Expodisc with the UniWB. And I think I acquiesced too easily to your post that switching was not necessarity.

As I understand it, the Expodisc sets the WB in the camera before the shot is taken. This, of course, is quite different from using a gray card, which provides one with the information needed to set the WB after the shot is taken.

Thus, if one uses the Expodisc, the camera's WB is set, and one cannot use the UniWB. And this was the issue that petroag was raising and to which I was responding.

With a gray card, of course, one can shoot the gray card with the UniWB and then set the proper WB later. But with the Expodisc, to use UniWB, one must first shoot a scene with the Expodisc-determined WB, and then switch to UniWB for the shots of interest. The shot taken with the Expodisc WB can then be used in PP to set the WB of the UniWB shots. But a switch must be made -- not a switch "back and forth," but at least one switch per change in lighting conditions. Yes?

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