24.4 MP Nikon D3X DSLR on the way?

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Re: D3x - Nice but not magic

Mel wrote:

Pretty much guarantee that it won't offer 12 fps or anything close.
And the noise "will not" be comparable to the current D3 just as it
isn't with the 1DsMKIII.
The fact that you and I (and many others) don't understand just why
is irrelevant really as these matters have been gone over repeatedly
here in the past and basically concluded by far more knowledgeable
folks. BUT, a very easy answer is that Nikon isn't (simply because
they never have) going to offer up a camera in the D3X that basically
trumps it's current offering of the D3. Why would they cancel out
such a fine machine so soon? Answer:They wouldn't. So the new D3X
won't have any "close" capabilities to the D3 as far as noise and
speed and low light captures. However it should be as the D1X and D2X
were, very good all around shooters. As you say, it would be nice to
have it all in one. But it would make zero sense at this stage of the

Just my .02

You mean, just like they didn't offer a crop mode in the D2x which was as fast as the D2h? There will still be significant difference between the cameras. An image from the 1.5 crop of the D3x viewed at the same size as and image from the entire D3 sensor will have significantly worse noise. Images taken from the whole sensor of both cameras, viewed at the same size, will have much the same noise. If you want low noise images and high FPS, use a D3. If you want low noise, high res but low FPS, with the option of high FPS, but higher noise, use the D3x. The physics says the noise is the same - I very much doubt whether Nikon would artificially enhance the noise of the D3x.

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