24.4 MP Nikon D3X DSLR on the way?

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Re: D3x - Nice but not magic

georgeRC wrote:

Georgi wrote:

I dont' do the thing you just said, I am genuinely interested in the
reasons and what we would need it to do to buy it.

I personally don't know IF I need it but considering now according to
my website (photo hosting) the max prints they will do from my pics
are 20x30" I wouldnt' mind having more resolution IN case someone
wants something bigger or sharper assuming my lenses can deliver that

What the lens can deliver will be the $64K question. With 24 MP and
FF, diffraction will start to show up by f/11 or f/16 and many lenses
have a sweet spot at around f/8 or f/11. So, for the largest prints,
you should be shooting right near the sweet spot - only. At a pixel
spacing of about 6 microns, the D3x if used for the largest possible
enlargements will demand really sharp lenses with little choice as to
aperture. Forget using DOF creatively, or to make focus less
critical. Pretty near every parameter will be critical.

I really don't understand this diffraction argument, all it means is above f/11 this camera will be diffraction limited rather than sensor limited. At all f-numbers it will render more resolution than a D3.

Also, more MP to process and high (let alone higher) fps? That
really will require magic!

And finally, more MP without smaller pixel sites? How? And smaller
pixels without more noise and being forced to lower ISO - not without
major technology improvements, or that good old magic.

For equal magnification is will give equal noise, and better resolution, apart from speed it will have lost nothing against a D3

The D3x looks to be nice for limited purposes, but should not be
anticipated to be a D3 with improvements in every category.

As always, a camera is the result of making many choices at the
design stage; if the results match your needs, buy it. The D3x will
be sweet for some purposes (If I had the money sitting around, I
would love to have one.) but not all purposes.

Except in DX (10MPix) mode it will do 12FPS (ok, locked focus and exposure), at equivalent noise to the D300, that sounds pretty useful to me. Truly two cameras in one.

Doyle, I'm sorry if I sounded like the D3 police - I just hope
expectations don't go too high (newer with more MP = better in every
way, so some seem to think).

6 FPS studio quality, 12FPS cropped action. Looking across the fence, sounds like an improved 1DsIII and 1DIII packed into in one camera, I don't know what your expectations were, but that sounds pretty good to me.

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