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Re: D1x Numbering? Yes, it worked

Wow, Peter, thats it. I followed your procedure and everything is OK now. Thanks a lot to you and the others who gave advice, for your efforts and patience with a technically less experienced photographer.


Peter LO wrote:

Hope this ellaborated version works for you:

1.Turn off "file seq. no."
2.Format the card in the camera and then take a picture
3.Mount the CF card and copy the file to your PC.
4.Delete all 1_ NCD1X folders except 100NCD1X.
5.Delete any files therein.
6.With your PC, rename the saved file to whatever number you like.
7.Copy the file back into "100NCD1X".
8."shoot menu"-"file seq. no"-"reset".
9.Take another picture to confirm if the counter runs correctly.
10.Turn on file seq. no. again.


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