Now it's official: Nee Kon instead of Nine Kon

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matthew saville
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Um, Japanese and English are different languages?

I was under the impression that "Nee-kon" was indeed the correct pronounciation, if you were speaking Japanese. DUH, a word that is identical in two languages can be pronounced differently, it happens all the time!

For example, Paris is pronounced just like that, "Paris". When you're speaking english, you don't go around saying "Paree", even though that's the CORRECT way to say it when you're IN France.

So, you all can say it however you like, but I think I'm going to go on saying "Nikon" and "Nikkor" with the "i" pronounced as "i", instead of "e", while I reside here in the US. If I ever go to Japan, I'll know to switch!

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