Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Why so less interchange of ideas?

Why is it such difficult to get all parties to one place? No real conference organized by some of the big players like IEC, ICC or so? That would be an interesting event, I guess - RAW developers like you, discussing with color scientists (like Scott) and tecs from the major camera producers. There seems to exist some need for it. Btw, I'm sure there are many conferences etc. But obviously none of them is designed especially to give impact for some very basic but important questions concerning R&D of digital imaging - strange, isn't it? Maybe one should suggest to the organizers of the Photokina to provide a forum for such discussions (scientists, developers and other pros exclusively)?

Iliah Borg wrote:

Maybe it is even simpler - too bad one can't have just raw histogram
(linear gamma, nothing like WB or other controls applied, eV marks on
the histogram) and normal thumbnails with all picture controls
applied. One day.

Scott Geffert wrote:

Does anyone from Nikon of Canon read these forums? It would be great
to get this type of discussion to the engineers.

regards, eric

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