24.4 MP Nikon D3X DSLR on the way?

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Re: Different sensor

il mando wrote:

Also in the rumor mill is a cheapo FF body in the work.

Yep. But I still hear this as being further out than the D3x.

Also: do you think that a 18 Mpixel "entry level" full frame could
maintain the wonderful job of the D3 at high ISO values? Or is the D3
specifically targeted at sports shooters and the whole
D3-D3x-D3entrylevel lineup will be revealed in a while, letting
finally people understand which is their appropriate body choice?
Frame rate will be a significant difference, but high ISO could be
another and pixel count a third factor. I have to admit that a 18
Mpixel entry level full frame seems overkill, and I would have been
more than happy to see the D3 sensor in a D300 body (which is what
all of the D300 owners would sell their mums for...).

Alfredo - Italy

I for one would definitely be severely tempted by an 18MP "cheapo" FX body ("cheapo" like in still out of my budget but not horrendously so?). 18MP should give a more useable DX mode pixel count compared to the somewhat limiting 5MP DX mode of the D3, providing a lot of flexibility in one body.

  • Lens range is effectiely increased if cropping, e.g. an FX ultra-wide 17-35ish lens would reach 50mm in DX mode. Similarly, the 12-24mm DX covers the full image circle between 18-24mm AFAIK. A standard 85-100mm portrait lens would gain more flexiility wrt DOF, framing and prespective.

  • No need to throw away the DX lenses, I would still be able to go light with e.g. my venerable 18-70mm DX

  • Within the reduced image circle, one will not be limited by the 3:2 format, pick any format you like - square, 5:4, 4:2, 16:9

I hope the "cheap" FX doesn't appear until at least next year, because I couldn't justify the expenses right now .. but who knows next year?


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