Are we fooling ourselves about IQ?

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Re: I am with you

ljfinger wrote:

Silverback1988 wrote:

For compact with zoom...
Do you think it's impossible for a G9 size to have 28-200mm or
24-140mm with f/2 constant ?

Yes. That's why I proposed 24-85 - to keep the size nearly the same.

Oh I see.
There should be a compromise anyway.
For longer FOV, maybe a smart zoom like Sony did in V1 will do the job ?
Similar like digital zoom but not resampling the pixel,
at the cost of losing MP.

To achieve 170mm FOV from your proposed lens (24-85mm)
it's gonna be only 2 MP left. (assume the camera is 8MP)
For small print it's okay.
I rather have 2 MP picture with a good IQ than a 5 MP with blurry image.
I take the f/2 anyday than f/4

So the camera will act like 24-170mm f/2 (constant) and in small size !
f/2 in G9 has the same DOF like f/10 in 5D and f/6.3 in 40D ?
Am I right in the math above ?
Just correct me if I'm wrong.

If larger aperture in 1/1.8" sensor is desired, say f/1,
What mm (the lens) do you think it's possible to make in G9 size ?


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