D60 or D80 or 450D?

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Re: Another person trying to decide

Clear Blue Sky wrote:

Why are you here when you got your XSi yesterday? Perhaps I

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough - I really hate the ergonomics of the rebel line. The new one is a big improvement (as it was said to be), but it is still not like a d80 in the hand. I ordered mine, and I was hoping that it would be a little more "improved". I borrowed my dad's rebel xt for a couple months. I used it a lot, but every time I did, I thought about how uncomfortable it was to hold. I would sure hate to spend a bunch of money on my own system & feel the same way down the road. The d80 would actually be fun to hold. I have so much anxiety when it comes to big purchases. I have problems from a broken right hand many years ago, so I am probably being extra paranoid about the grip.

So far no problems with dust
Your lens comb is superb, I am jealous (not really I am dreaming)
Handling is really really superb
IQ is simply amazing at 1600 but I am coming from a film background.
You have to look hard to see differences between 800 and 1600.
Definately not so good at 3200 though.

Thank you for your comments on the D80. I would love have an iso 1600 that is "simply amazing"!


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