C&C pls... THEN: Hiring a Model... NOW: MODELS Want Me... (amazing experience!!!)

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Newspaper Man
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THANK YOU very much!

thanks so much danny!!

for all these great and amazing tips!!! you've been a great help to many of us!!

i learned so much!!

you are great!!


DannyM wrote:

one more thing,

low ceiling might mean small room.

depending on what color the walls are...you might be getting a LOT of
bounce from all over the room (light and color bounce). you can setup
black curtains to cover up your shooting space, maybe some black
v-flats on the floor (or instead of the curtains on the walls) and a
black flag right above the light source (like a hat - to prevent
spill bouncing off the ceiling).

In any case all that bounce just means more light not more
highlights. so you still have to work on that separately. Only you
wouldnt have to worry to the same extent about tracking down where
exactly that light is coming from that is causing a highlight
(becuase you know its only coming from 2 strobes - for example - and
not 2 strobes, the ceiling, the 2 walls on your side, the wall behind
you, the floor, that mirror that you had in the room off to the side,
and your white t-shirt).

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