There's room below the 1 and above the 5

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There's room below the 1 and above the 5

It's just a statement of fact, there's room for a pro cam, maybe not a 1 but something else, FF and "serious"

I do shoot more and more for money, lucky I am, and I use a 5D plus a 20D as a backup. Yesterday I shot a French well know singer in a large venue. 5 songs in the pit facing the stage and the rest from the mixing desk. I did use a 35L, 85L II a 24-70L and a 70-200 IS.

The keeper ratio is quite low because of the "placid" AF of the cam. The artist spins like a spring, runs a lot and when you add to this a dim ambience and just some powerful beam of light, the 5D can't keep up.

Same with the fps, 5 or at least 4 is needed on a pro cam even if I 'm not a machine gun.

Same with the flushing on the memory card or the processing of the shot. I've been forced and wait a couple of time. I shoot RAW only on Extreme III.

Same with the exposure mode. No way to know but looking at the dial when you have the chance to get some light on. The viewfinder is large but rather poor in terms of info

Same with the dust. Sadly one bl00dy f* speck get in the chamber and shows on most of my shots even from f5,6 each time the colored key was lit

Same with the battery. A lens like the 70-200 IS drains it too quickly. Of course I have spare batteries.

I miss the highlight priority option to preserve some detail when a trooper strikes and 14 bit files to have smoother color gradations and a better shadows detail.

Last but not least, I miss a stop, just one but a 3200 as good as the 1600 just to have some additional speed. I don't need "detail washed" 25600, just a great 3200.

DONT say this cam already exist, as it's not quite true. I don't want a 1Ds mkIII, the price, the average/poor quality at 3200 and the limited buffer in RAW among other points doesn't make it desiderable to me. The same with a 1DmkIII. I do not trust the AF, I don't need 10 fps and above all, I want a FF.

The ideal solution would be to create a new cam pulling up people ready to spend 3200 up to 3500 $ for a great sensor like the 5D in a consumer body toward the "real" pro range.

I would be ready to spend 4000$ for a FF "1D like" cam but focusing on ISO and speed rather than simple mpix. Let's call it 2D. With a grip, 14 mpix, highlight priority, 6fps, 14 bit, antidust, watersealed, 300k rear screen, auto iso, 3200+HI, 1D autofocus and metering system, lens calibration...

Canon could probably offer at 14 mpix a convincing 6400 ISO, probably not at 16 mpix so in my dreams the mpix race would finish, at least on this new model.

And maybe it could be interesting to fit the very same new sensor in a 40D like body at 2200$

The 5D is and will remain a great cam, a splendid idea that certainly boosted Canon's lens sales and helped enthousiasts like me to love even more the photography and to start collecting money out of it...But it's not a pro tool, by far.

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