24.4 MP Nikon D3X DSLR on the way?

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Re: 24.4 MP Nikon D3X DSLR on the way?

Tizzio wrote:

I came across an asian discussion/rumor thread couple months ago,
through google english translator and far as I can remember, it says
D3 has a 24MP sensor in its body, only disabled via circuitry by Sony
on Nikon's request to come out with 12.1MP, for superb high iso IQ
and 9FPS FX.

I was laughing my way out....but now, who knows!

It's still no more true than it was yesterday. Which is not at all.

The math just doesn't work out. It wouldn't double you from 12 to 24. The D1 is the perfect example. This had the same thing that the asian site claims the D3 has. The D1 was 2.7mp. The sensor itself was natively 10.8mp. 4 times.
2000x1312px (D1 image) would become 4000x2624px for about 10.5 effective MP.

So for the same thing on the D3, it'd be 4256x2832px becoming 8512x5664 for just over 48MP.

The D1x used rectangular pixels and a strange algorithm to go from around 4000x1312 to 3008x1960px. To do that with the D3, you'd go 8512x2832 and then interpolate it down to roughly 6384x4248, which would be around 27MP.
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