Optio S5i died - fix by replacing tiny internal battery?

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Re: Optio S5i died - fix by replacing tiny internal battery?

I know I am resurrecting a very old thread, but I am having the same problem.

My trusty S5i was working fine, then suddenly refused to power on in camera mode: four beeps and it turns back off. If I hold the playback button while powering on, it works fine.

I am astonished that Pentax would build in a self-destruct mechanism in the form of a non-replaceable battery. If the claims below turn out to be true, this is my last Pentax. The only question is, what camera to replace the S5i with that has the same teeny size, decent pictures, and quick shooting?

To answer the OP's question, I noted posts at:


which said in part:

I have an s5i and the same thing happened.4 beeps then shut down(lens will not come out)searched internet, no results. my camera is under 2 years.striped it down and found nothing obvious so put it back together.Bought new camera friday so had another go saterday and found the problem.From reading, most people have problems after going on holliday to a hot or cold climate.this takes its toll on small batteries.on th cicuit board to which the memmory card holder is attached a very small battery is spot welded to metal brackets and fixed to the board. this battery is not made to be replaced and when runs flat the camera dies. it is 1.5v but mine was .75v. size is 5mm x 1mm(very small) the nearest i could get is 6.8mm x 2.1mm.

I had to mount it away from its original position because of limmited space.i used the metal spring out of a button cell holder to press the cell down onto an earth track.

After assembling the camera it was like new and i had to set the date. I had to go into the tools menu and reset the software and now it works like new. I like fixing things but hate writing letters so please pass this information on to at least one other person as there are THOUSANDS of these cameras with the same problem.

Regards Andy


if you read my earlier post it tels you where the battery is and the size. You may not be able to get that size battery bu you will be able to get a n S621 (6.8mm x 2.1mm) you only need to take the back case of and the circuit board is right hand side next to the screen.it has the memory card holder attached to it (do not remove card holder) i think there is only 3 or 5 screws holding this down. the cell is soldered onto the board and easy to remove.the board is now marked + & - underneath the cell.you can use an earth track about 5mm away (scratch of the green varnish and put a very small raised bit of solder for contact) and the spring clip from a battery holder can be soldered to the + track. you new battery should now fit under the clip and touch the earth track. put a piece of cellotape over battery to prevent it shorting then reassemble. charge the main battery then reset all in the settings and it should work.

Elsewhere (at http://www.fixya.com/support/t127001-s5i_turn_in_capture_mode ) another poster claims yanking the battery is enough, even if one isn't good enough with a soldering iron to replace it:

I also had this same problem. It wouldn't turn on so I figured I had nothing to lose by taking it apart. It is very difficult to get to the battery, and once i found it, I managed to remove the battery. I could not manage to soder on a new battery, so now there is no button cell battery in the camera. It now works fine, but every time I change the battery I have to reset the date and time. It beats buying a new camera though.

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