D40 Sigma 50-150 or 70-200?

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Re: D40 Sigma 50-150 or 70-200?

You might take a look at the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 SP (with built in motor - Nikon mount will AF on D40).

The Canonites have this lens out in EOS mount and seem to like it a lot. Check out this thread. If I go f2.8 telephoto for a future lens, this may be the one.


Homer Jay wrote:

Good morning,

I have a D40 which I have learned a good amount with, and am feeling
comfortable shooting with. I have the kit lens and the 50-200VR
which were good, but as with everyone else around here I started to
thirst for more.

I then bought the Sigma 30/1.4 which was an incredible upgrade for
the camera. I noticed a huge difference in my photos and am now
looking to upgrade the upper zoom range. I can't afford the Nikon
AF-S 70-200 2.8 so I am again looking at the Sigma's.

Should I go with the 50-150/2.8 or 70-200/2.8? (obviously looking at
the HSM for my camera) . I understand the differences in zoom range,
so specifically, as far as IQ - what is my best option between the
two (assuming they both work on the D40 which I am pretty sure of).

PS - Am I missing anything else I should be looking at also?

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