D60 vs. D80 ???

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D60 vs. D80 ???

Would it be possible to give me advice on the D60 vs. D80? Years ago I would shoot velvia ASA 50 with an 8008, and blow up to poster size, and get razor sharp images and deep color saturation. I wasn't satisfied with digitial image quality so I held off on a digital SLR and just uses a Pentax P&S (optio 750) for family events).

I am now about to re-start my long love of photography with an 18 -200 VR. But I am undecided between the D60 and the D80. I believe I have the isues down to what would make the differences for me, but still find it is a tough decision.

-I was attracted to the small/light D60.

-sounds nice that the D60 has dust removal (but not sure how much that matters if 18-200 is my primary lens)

-The D80 is not that much bigger, BUT I get the sense the viewfinder is NOT ready as fast on the D80 as on the D60. Is that my imagination? I also got the sense the D80 was not always focusing. It seemed to not focus sometimes and not take the shot in the store.

  • D80 11 point focusing, D60 3 point, but the D60 in my hands seem to focus faster. D60 was hooked to power source, the D80 on a battery, cld this have been a weak battery causing this?

  • I guess the real question is, does the D60 focus sufficiently well and fast that i will be satisfied? Having had an 8008 and an N80 I would think three point focusing will seem just fine to me.

-Is the image processing update on the D60 sufficient to justify it?

-I do have some old lenses... 24 mm, 28-105, and 70-300. I realize the D60 won't drive them for autofocus but I LIKE that the D60 is light and I might just but a new 70-300 VR. In which case the benefit of the D80 to AF the old lenses doesn't matter much.

-Sounds like D-lighting is very good for details, stop motion sounds cool, both on D60.

  • what does EXPEED processing give me ?

  • DP review claims "retouch" adds filter effects on the D60 but neither I nor the sales person at B&H cld find it, while we easily fund it on the D80 (though I think I will just buy the Tiuffen software and do filters post-processing).

  • B&H is telling me that the D80 is a significantly better camera for only $100 dollars more, but I am not so convinced.

  • The D60 feels slightly better in my hand.

-I realize the D60 only does 3 fps but as I used an 8008 and and an N80 and I can't believe the D60 would be slower...

Has anyone seen comparisons of the image quality of the D60 vs. the D80?


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