C&C pls... THEN: Hiring a Model... NOW: MODELS Want Me... (amazing experience!!!)

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Re: Good advice, I think you need more of step #1

i really appreciate ALL advices (- or +) they are both good and great!!

another advice to all newbie (like me)...

this is (or will be) a disaster shoot:
1. the second model (2nd model) is NOT Experienced (17 yrs old)
2. mom and brother is in the studio watching!!

3. while i was shooting (i'm trying to communicate with the model) to kick her mom and brother out!!
4. BUT she did not get it...

5. i did my best really... i even showed her sample images... she is NOT graceful and can't control her smile and facial expressions...

IN THE END... i emailed her saying "you perform better without mom & borther watching... do that next time..."

she emailed back and said "i've learned a lot from you!!"

but yeah, a good experience from me as well... next time i'll tell upfront... no watching (especially if the model is new...)

but thanks a lot for the tips!! greatly appreciated!!


KennyS wrote:
NM you are more experienced than me, but in my experience it's up to
the photographer to bring out the smiles. Every guy/gal has the
potential to make a great smile, but camera shy or new models need
more coaxing, while the pro models automatically will do their best
facial expressions. A little encouragement can go a long way.

I'm not saying you didn't try that, or that I am the master of this
(you're more advanced than I am) but it's worth a try next time if
you didn't try it before.

Newspaper Man wrote:

KennyS wrote:

NM I'm really digging 2, 4, and 5.

  1. 1 is cool too, except you cut off her hand.

will take that in mind for sure!! thanks!!

The images with the second girl don't work for me. She looks really
bored, almost annoyed/angry.

this is what's going to happen if the MODEL is NOT EXPERIENCED...

that's why HIRE first (for practice)...



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