5D as a Landscape camera

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5D as a Landscape camera

Hi guys,

I currently shoot a Nikon D80 (Only have a Tokina 12-24 and 18-70 at this stage) for almost exclusively landscape (once in a blue moon i'll do a little portraiture).
Please check my link for the kind of stuff I do.

My goal is producing quality 24" x 16" prints and large stitched landscape Panos for sale (Currently i'm only comfortable with selling 12" x 18")

I'm looking to upgrade my system and am looking at the following base options, keeping in mind these set ups would essentially live on a tripod at base ISO and be shot mainly stopped down:

Nikon D300 and 16-85VR $NZ 3400
Canon 5D and 24-105L $NZ 4200
Pentax K20D and 16-50 $NZ 2700

My attraction to the D300 is the great body, screen and live view plus the added versatility of top AF, FPS should I ever need it. Reservations are around a seemingly modest pure image quality gain for $$ vs the D80, although I could be enlightened here.

My attraction to the 5D is obviously its a proven standard for this type of work with the larger photosites putting less strain on the optics and I would presume more noise 'latitude' with RAW's with regard to pushing / pulling exposures for blending). My reservations are mainly the cost, although I can justify it and the age of the body.

My attraction to the K20D is the price - performance ratio, the Weather sealing of the body AND lens and 14.6MP file size. My reservations are mainly dynamic range and noise (when you want to do some serious levels tweaking in PS) plus the lens selection and availability in NZ vs 'the big 2'.

I would really appreciate some feedback with your opinions, biased or otherwise.

Value is more of a factor than price if you know what I mean: E.g. I'd rather not pay through the nose for the high iso abilities etc. if i'm not going to utilise them, but i'll pay for the best tools.

At the end of the day, I want beautiful, detailed prints

Thanks in advance,

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Flat view
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