S100fs - the ultimate camera?

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Re: Maybe not quite the ultimate camera (for an S7000 owner)

tdkd13 wrote:

Paul, while I agree this thing is overpriced, honestly, how many
people actually ask how much your camera cost. I have been shooting
for years and almost no one has ever asked that question. If you wind
up saying anything like "not bad for a $175 camera", obviously you
have accepted a compromise and are aware of it, otherwise you would
never feel the need to mention it.

In truth, you're right, Ted; people don't often ask; maybe 3 or 4 times a year. I should have said, "I like how I feel when I reflect on how little I paid for it."

Are you, by chance, a pro? If so, that could explain why you're never asked. People would think it's rude to ask a pro how much his gear cost but are more willing to ask an amateur like me because the question would then qualify as "preliminary shopping" rather than nosiness.
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Paul S. in Maryland
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