S100FS Owners, Why Unkindness?!

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Kim Letkeman
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well, there is one big advantage ... and one big disadvantage

midnite wrote:

oh if i remember it correct, pana fz18 can have higher zoom at lower
pixels. It is digital zoom in fact, but not enlarging the jpeg.

In other words ... a crop mode. Like this:

What this does is allow you to forgo a certain amount of pixels in order to get more "effective" magnification. This is identical to cropping in photoshop, so don't get too excited about it's final effect. There is no magic going on.

It has one significant advantage, to store fewer pixels on the card.

It also has one significant disadvantage ... the pixels are not averaged form a larger number as they would be if you stored, say, in 6mp mode without cropping ... there you would see a downsized image with much less noise in it (half I suppose.) With crop turned on, you would see a magnified image (same as cropping a 12mp image down to 6mp in photoshop) that retains all the noise of the original 12mp image.

This means that, when downsizing for the web, you get the magnification but you lose the noise reduction. Again, identical to what would happen if you did all this in photoshop. But at least you get to store more images on the web.

i have an idea (not really related to the fz18 i mentioned in fact
=P). Why not fuji provide a larger sensor, while keeping everything
remains the same? Although ISO400 is still marginal usable in now's
S100FS though, larger can always produce better results With a
larger sensor, at wide end, we can make use of the whole sensor. At
tele end, we may have fewer pixel images. i will be very happy with
this, as i always believe pixel size is meaningless but picture
quality means a lot more!!

Sorry .... your explanation does not compute for me. You are talking about using, say, a 4/3 sensor and casting a larger image circle (can't keep "everything the same) when the image circle never covers the sensor.

Once you have done that, you can play with the cropping mode to get more magnification form a smaller lense. As you zoom, the mp count drops ...

You would get your magnification from part optical zoom and part crop mode. If you start from 12mp, you can use a 10x zoom and a 50% crop to get your full range ....

The primary advantage is that you can get the range without the large lense usually needed for 18x ... but you still need glass large enough to cast the initial image circle ...

Might work ... but it is complex and there is still the cost of the larger sensor to factor in ....

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