Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Re: UniWB is not enough

GaborSch wrote:

I miss the explanation, that WB is only one (though the biggest)
component of the adjustments applied in-camera before creating the
JPEG image, which is the basis of the histogram.

The contrast, saturation and color tone adjustment (does the D300
offer that?) have to be neutralized (not the minimum value but "0"),
and the sharpening has to be at the minimum

Sharpening can be set to none (0). One can add loading linear tonal curve to the mix above.

Second biggest issue after white balance is tonal mapping to gamma 2.2 and this can be avoided too loading reverse tonal transform as a custom curve thus ending up with a linear histogram. If it is done, the statement below is true.

Only then will the
in-camera histogram look like the raw histogram.

Thr disconnection is that camera makers have chosen to try to mimic Photoshop-style histograms in cameras instead of traditional eV and D readings. Ironically, it should be vice versa - Photoshop should follow photo standards.

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