Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Simple in-camera UniWB setting

Erciro wrote:

Thank you all for making this available but I find the Auto WB and
the exposure so correct I don't even use the WB setting cards
anymore. Well, sometimes Expodisc. Do I really need UniWB if the
exposure is correct in the histogram?

The point is that, when using AWB, you don't know what the channel gains applied by the camera were, so you don't know how much headroom you really have by looking at the RGB histograms (i.e., the camera lies to you).

With UniWB, you are setting up the histograms so that they indicate the true values provided by the A/D converters.

I use a simple manual WB setup which is more than accurate enough for my purposes:
On D300, set manual WB to 5000K, and add a G5 shift.
On D3, set manual WB to 4760K, and add a G5 shift.

This produces accurate UniWB for the cameras (very accurate for D300; Green will display about 0.1 stop low on D3). With this setting, there will be about 3/4 stop of headroom when the channel histograms reach the right side (where the highlight warning will start to flash).

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